Terms of agreement

The www.justcompetition.eu platform has been developed as part of the project: Online Training Tools for European Judges on Private Enforcement of EU Competition Law.

The project has been implemented by EurActiv Romania (RO) and Fondation EurActiv (BE), and has benefited from the support of the Association of European Competition Law Judges (UK).

The project has received funding from the European Commission, DG Competition, through the Civil Justice Programme.

The aim of the project was to provide a tailored training solution in the field of private enforcement of competition law across Europe.

The www.justcompetition.eu platform is the main dissemination instrument of the project. It hosts the online training module developed within the project, as well as other instruments and information of interest in the field of private enforcement of competition law.

Access to the commentary sections of the website is restricted to the target group of the project, i.e. to national judges dealing with competition cases at national level, including prosecutors, apprentice national judges and the legal staff of the judges’ offices or of national courts from EU Member States, as well as to legal scholars or legal experts from the EU.

In order to gain access to the commentary section, the members of the aforementioned group have to register on the platform with a personal account.

Registering on the platform is strictly forbidden to people who are minors or who are not part of the target group.

The platform does not gather personal information from the user accounts.

All user accounts need to be registered with an institutional email address, in order to prove the membership of the user to the aforementioned target group. The moderators of this platform retain the right to delete without notice any user account that has not been registered with an institutional address.

The person writing and submitting a comment on the platform is fully responsible for its content.

Any inappropriate, offensive or intolerant content is strictly forbidden. Any comment that reflects such views will be deleted.